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Join us in our Facebook™ group, The Lead Lounge, an Online Lead Generation Gathering for Like-Minded Interior Designers

 If you've always wanted on-demand access to a professional marketing expert and get the answers to questions like:

  • "I get a lot of 'Likes' on my social media platforms, but how to I turn that into actual leads?"
  • "How do I upload my contacts into MailChimp?"
  • "What should I blog about?"

The Lead Lounge is the place to get your burning questions answered.
We'll run impromptu online marketing training, host special guests that are experts in their field, and keep you accountable to your marketing goals.

BTW, The Lead Lounge is totally FREE.

Join us now! - And don't forget to introduce yourself.

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The Lead Lounge
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Welcome to The Lead Lounge! This group is for serious like-minded interior design business owners that are interested in generating leads.

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